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Saturday, 7 January 2017

About #ACSYA

About #ACSYA

The Assyrian Cultural & Social Youth Association Inc. (ACSYA) is an independent organisation committed to the celebration of Assyrian culture, heritage, and advocates for our nation's productivity by fostering initiatives such as field trips, workshops, training sessions, educational, cultural, and social events/ activities. Empowering and engaging our community is at the forefront of what we do to achieve long-term benefits now and in the future. These initiatives deliver on ACSYA's commitment to drive and build a stronger Assyrian community whilst actively engaging our youth. Furthermore, ACSYA provides various platforms for the discussion of matters concerning our community from a national and or global perspective.

Reward & Recognition Program

To achieve our vision and growth objectives, ACSYA requires a workforce of motivated and committed members. When we see an individual demonstrating the behaviours and delivering the outcomes needed- it is imperative that we apply the appropriate levels of recognition. At ACSYA, we recognise that our members and overall community play a key role in our success, which is why we are committed to building an environment where you feel valued, inspired, and recognised for your contribution.

Our reward and recognition program recognises high performing members who have gone above and beyond their role expectations and contributed to our success. In addition, we also recognise non-member individuals and organisations who have demonstrated a contribution towards our community. For further details regarding the award categories and nomination process, please contact: info@acsya.org‎

Importance of Culture

Our Assyrian culture defines our identity, and builds our character. The cultural values shared across our community, provides us a sense of belonging. Our culture unites our people and gives us a sense of security. The language we speak, the arts, literature and the heritage we are proud of, our food, our customs, and traditions together form our culture.

Culture is essential for our individual and communal identity. The arts, history, literature, education, and upbringing shape our personalities. As we grow, culture is ingrained in our minds. Our values, and our system of beliefs dictates our thinking and behaviour. Our rituals and traditions are a part of our daily living. The way we, Assyrians, carry ourselves in society is highly influenced by our culture.

Empowering our Youth and Encouraging Active Participation

At ACSYA, we recognise the importance of empowering and actively engaging our Assyrian youth within our community. ACSYA's team of dedicated professionals have developed exciting initiatives, appropriate engagement strategies, activities, and solutions which will drive productivity. Our youth programs encourage participation in all aspects of community life, from voluntary opportunities to further education, training, skills, leadership abilities, social, and network building.

Become an Official #ACSYA Member

ACSYA is powered by an incredible network of dynamic and creative people from all walks of life. If you believe in our values, then you should become an official member. Require more information? Contact us directly: info@acsya.org