Snapchat & ACSYA Launching 'Assyrian New Year' Geofilter

The Assyrian Cultural & Social Youth Association Inc. (ACSYA) has partnered with the world's favourite image messaging and multimedia application Snapchat to unveil the first ever sponsored Assyrian New Year geofilter in Australia.

Geofilters are graphics that overlay onto a snap whilst you're within a specific geographical zone or location. This feature utilises a form of technology called geofencing to designate a zone where a geofilter is available. ACSYA's director of media and communications, R Edward, says: "As an organisation, we must create content that is innovative, responsive and relevant to what's happening within our community. This initiative will provide our audiences with the opportunity to express themselves visually using one of the most culturally diverse social-networking platforms."

The illustration pays tribute to the rich tapestry of Assyrian culture, architecture and iconography baring the cuneiform inscription "Aššurayi" (Assyrian) and will cover approximately 322,485 Sq Ft.

Snapchat will activate the Assyrian New Year 6767 geofilter in Fairfield Showground on Sunday, 2 April 2017 from 10:00 am - 11:59 pm. To utilise the Assyrian New Year geofilter, snap your image and swipe right once.

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